Geoffrey L. Gogan, Architect

"Well crafted, appropriate, budget conscious design"

A note on Fees: 
Low overhead + Modest office + Logical Decision Making = Reasonable fees.  
I sometimes tell prospects that our services are free!  That is because:
1.  Proper planning and design will achieve a more valuable investment that will appreciate as the dollar depreciates.  Marketable Design, Low maintenance, and  Energy Efficiency adds value to your project.
2.  Professional administration of the Competetive Bidding results in a fair contract price.
3.  Excellent contract documents with carefully scheduled payments reduce misunderstandings and "Extras" during construction and we are available to support you through construction.

We offer a Feasibility Phase for a very reasonable flat fee.  That service includes M
easuring and Drawing the Existing Conditions, Design, Zoning Analysis, and Cost Estimate.   Some clients take a break using those the plans as a vision they can share with lenders while they arrange for financing.  Once the design is finalized,  the fee will be "fixed" - before finishing the construction documents.

What distinguishes us from other architects? We will:  
• Maximize your site's "Build-out potential" - Successful with many Zoning Applications and most local Boards.
• Preserve much of your existing asset as possible - without compromising the design so you don't pay just to replace.
 Offer options that but won't impose our own personal tastes.  We don't want you to second guess your decisions.  You will know why the design is the way it is.    
Apply years of experience and our "trained eye", to refine it with small adjustments, to the scale, proportion, acoustics, texture, light, color, vocabulary, and beautiful detailingToo many buildings are built as "Rough Drafts".
Offer great design appropriate for you and your neighborhood, but "Beauty is only skin deep".   
• Get more for your dollar - estimating the cost early - as we design - to suit your budget and minimize debt.
Address The "Guts" or systems of a building so they function well to serve you as well as nature. 
We specify materials that are reasonably priced but which will last many decades maintenance free. See the "Building Technology" Page form more on this.   This often means staying with natural materials, Arts & Crafts and Asian Detailing, and sometimes acknowledging the systems themselves
• Do
n't just hand you a set of plans and say good bye.  Our clients appreciate the assistance through the whole process including competitive bidding and construction. 
 Combine Old School hand drawn sketches with "State of the Art" CAD  · Professional Admin. of Competitive Bidding,  Construction Contract, and Payment Schedule.
You will work directly with Geoff or Jim, and we answer the phone ourselves or get right back to you every time
ow overhead operation  ·  Reasonable fees  
· Excellent references ( and builders)