Geoffrey L. Gogan, Architect

"Well crafted, appropriate, budget conscious design"

The "Basic Services" most clients require:   

We will begin the design process responding to your concerns and your intuitive approach to the solution. 

We will also suggest any other options or improvements that might be appropriate for the house, but aren't obvious at first glance.  Its like solving a three-dimensional puzzle, resolving many conflicting forces at work.  We then find the right way to express those intangible values, turning the "Building" into a work of "Architecture", refining scale, proportion, light, texture, color etc.
The plans will be prepared as required to obtain permits, but we also specify as much as possible. Sometimes owners select the final finishes, cabinetry, fixtures, and appliances during construction.  In that case, we set aside budgets for them in the contract.     
We don't just hand you a set of plans.  Assistance with a competitive bidding process, a construction contract, and inspections during construction are included in the "Basic Fee."

The Schematic Design Phase:

1. Measure building and gather other existing conditions on the site
2. Programming: Speak with you to learn more about your requirements, tastes, and budget 
3. Check the Zoning requirements    Draw Existing Conditions, Sketch various options 
4. Developing an overall "Schematic Plan" with some furniture, room sizes, elevations, provide a rough construction cost estimate

The Construction Documents

6. After the plans are approved, the design will then be developed and "find tuned". This is where we would discuss windows, grills, railings, floor finishes, siding materials, etc. We make sure the building is inspiring in certain ways.
7. Construction contract documents will then be completed including details, engineering, systems- with some left to be finished by licensed trades, new technology, Specification Manual 

The Bidding and Construction Administration
(Some clients don't need these services, and the fee is discounted)

8. Bidding / Negotiation Phase: The documents will then be distributed to contractors for bids.
9. We will then negotiate the construction contract and payment schedule, and convene a "Closing".
10. Assist with permit applications when the owner is the applicant - serving as General Contractor (sometimes done during "Bidding", until a Contractor is selected).
11. Inspections and reports during construction